Underbelly Arts Welcomes Roslyn Helper as New Director

September 30, 2016

Sydney, 30 September 2016

Underbelly Arts today announced the appointment of Roslyn Helper as Director of Underbelly Arts.

David Robb, the chair of Underbelly Arts, said Roslyn Helper has been appointed due to her strong understanding of the artist process, her experience in running arts organisations and her knowledge of the emerging and experimental art scene in Australia. Roslyn was a participating artist in the 2013 and 2015 Underbelly Arts Festivals.

Mr Robb said: “Underbelly Arts supports and promotes emerging and experimental artists. We introduce these artists and their work to new audiences, in their development through our Lab and in their presentation at the biennial Festival. In appointing Roslyn, our Director understands the needs and wishes of artists and audiences and as an Underbelly Arts Festival artist we are maintaining our ambition to support new talent.”

Ms Helper said: “Underbelly Arts is a unique organisation with a strong mission. I am thrilled to be on board and excited to build on Underbelly’s vision and capacity for supporting and presenting ambitious ideas and large scale work from an emerging generation of artists.”

In a change to its governance arrangements, the roles of Executive Director and Artistic Director have been combined into the Director role. As Underbelly Arts progresses towards the 2017 Festival, further appointments to the company will be made.

Roslyn replaces Executive Director Jain Moralee and Artistic Director Eliza Sarlos, who worked together on the 2013 and 2015 Labs and Festivals. Since its inception in 2007, Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival has evolved to support over 800 artists to audiences of 14,000+. This success speaks to the high quality and scope of work developed during the Lab and a focus on bringing artists and audiences together throughout the Festival.

Mr Robb said: “Underbelly Arts’ Lab and Festival help develop, secure and often launch artists’ careers. For us, success is measured by what our artists do both during and after showing their work at Underbelly. We have a strong alumni of successful artists. Jain and Eliza have helped create this legacy.

“We look forward to Roslyn progressing our work in 2016 and bringing it all together at our 2017 Lab and Festival.”


About Roslyn

Roslyn holds a BA (media communications) from the University of Sydney and an MA in Arts Politics from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She has recently held curatorial and project management roles at Artspace and Sullivan+Strumpf in Sydney, and she was the Artistic Director of Electrofringe from 2012-16. She has curated exhibitions for the International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vivid, Brisbane Powerhouse, This is Not Art and numerous independent events. She is the co-founder of art partnership zin and has presented collaborative and solo work for the Biennale of Sydney, Performance Space, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney Festival, Liquid Architecture, Firstdraft, Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, the Festival of Live Art (FoLA), and many more.


Image by Lucien Alperstein