Death of affect restaged with a return to the Japanese nude 2017

Atlanta Eke

Daniel Jenatsch

Inviting the audience to contemplate the relationship between the body and the everyday machine is Death of affect restaged with a return to the Japanese nude 2017.

Time is stretched; speed has slowed down.

Atlanta Eke catalyses a change in our the view of the concrete; it becomes a stage for dancing cars.

“In the stillness, audience members snap photos on their phones, like curious voyeurs passing by a freak road accident.” – Ilana Cohn – Realtime.

Performer: Angela Goh

This project was initially developed and presented at Alaska Projects as part of Restaging Restaging, curated by Brian Fuata, Jess Olivieri and Sarah Rodigari.

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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