Meet 6 of Island Salon’s Favourite Ladies of Video Art and Film 

July 22, 2015

KARAOKECHORALEIsland Salon brings together a new community of exciting female artists who use video, time-based, digital, and film-based mediums in their practices – and their establishing their first cinema on Cockatoo Island for Underbelly Arts Festival this Aug1-2.  

This intimate festival-within-a-festival celebrates and encourages collaboration and conversation on a large scale; and opens up the narratives, approaches, interests and nuances of practice from a thriving yet underrepresented community.

Created by a truly interdisciplinary group of filmmakers, artists and curators, Island Salon will feature creative cinema and video art in an immersive, island-inspired cinema installation.

We asked the curators for a few of their top picks in video art and film, and here you have it.

Island Salon loves the work of…


Camille Henrot

Camille makes big playful works spanning histories and mythologies through contemporary mixed media.


Sabrina Ratté 

Sabrina’s work is exciting and dynamic, across analogue and digital video, exploring depth of the surface and pulsations of subliminal screen ephemera. 


Lucinda Clutterbuck

Lucinda Clutterbuck is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary animators and animation producers. She was awarded a film makers fellowship in 2005 by the Australian Film Commission in recognition of her skills and significant body of work. Her short animation “Pressure Sway” for the band Machinations (1983) is an incredible exploration of creative design, movement and the interaction of images to music. 


Agnès Varda

Agnes is an inspiration, and an unconscious collaborator within our festival here on the island. Her work ranges from the wildly cinematic (Cleo from 5 to 7) to the autobiographical and reflective (The Gleaners and I). Varda’s focus on female experiences, rural and urban senses of place, one’s own personal history, and the nature of luck and chance are of enduring interest.


Hito Steyerl

Hito’s work investigates economies of the digital image world as a metamodernist translation of savvy people power. 


Maya Deren

Maya is mysterious, a truly unique force. Her films act as a fusion of art and film, portraying her unique vision. Her collected writings express the celebration of the Amateur over the looming sceptre of the Auteur in film, and we look to her for daily inspiration.

These artists create generous, personal cinema as affective contemporary mythology. 


Island Salon is curated by….

Sophie Kitson, Angela Garrick & Danielle Zorbas


KT Spit & Katherine Botten/ Zoe Scoglio & Elizabeth Dunn & Rebecca Jensen/ Anna Helme & Nina Buchanan/ Catherine Kelleher & Lucy Phelan/ Sarah Jones & Pip O’Brien/ The Twilight Girls/ Lily Hibberd & Bonney Djuric/ Eloise Kirk & Julia Rochford/ Tara Cook & Nana Biluš Abaffy and Rachael Archibald/ Aurelia Guo & Eva Birch/ Holly Childs & Stephanie Overs/ Lisa Lerkenfeldt & Stacey Wilson/ Danielle Zorbas & Megan Holloway & Nisa Venerosa/ Laura Hunt & Nikki Walkerden/ Jessica McElhinney & Agnes Varda/ Andrea Blake & Helena Papageorgiou/ Serpent & The Swan/ Georgia Graham & Nicola Morton/ ek.1 (Emma Hicks & Katie Williams)/ Kate Brown & Philippa Nicole Barr/ Melanie Garrick & Serahphina Aupong/ Lisa Campbell-Smith & Julia Drouhin & Nancy Mauro-Flude/ Sarah Byrne & T.R. Carter/ Claudia Nicholson & Del Lumanta/ Jennie Feyen & Irit Pollak/ Eugene Choi & Jannah Quill/ Emma Ramsay & Anna John/ Louise Dibben & Rowan Oliver/ Megan Hanson & Simonne Goran/ Laura Hindmarsh & Claire Krouzecky/ Jade Dewi TyasTunggal & Ria Soemardjo/ Sarafina Power & Ella Condon/ Micha Couell & Cassandra Kiely & Rowan Oliver/ Angela Garrick & Sandra Sarouni/ Alex Clapham & Penelope Benton/ Nicky Minus & Amaya Lang/ Josephine Starrs & Alison Plevey/ Chunyin Rainbow Chan & Corin Ileto/ Jack Mannix & Harriet Morgan/ Kathy Corcoran & Lisa Sammut/ Sonia Zadro & Lia Hologram/ Alexia Estrellado & Lorena Arancibia/ Georgia Taia & Paris Taia & Tracy Quan/ Lorena Arancibia & Helen Frank/ Kevina Jo Smith & Louisa Clayton/ Jade Boyd & Lisa Lerkenfeldt/ Kusum Normoyle & Bronwen Williams & Clayton Thomas