About Underbelly Arts


Underbelly Arts develops and presents work from the boldest new voices in Australian art. We present visual art, performance, theatre, live art, music, sound, dance, digital practice and ideas, with a focus on emerging artists and experimentation. By creating large-scale events in non-traditional spaces, we bring audiences and artists together for new art experiences unlike any other.

Underbelly Arts started in 2007 as a response to the number of artists working out of their bedrooms and in warehouses, in isolation. As a kind of social experiment, it sought to bring all those artists under the one roof and expose them to one another, and to new audiences.

Since then Underbelly Arts and over 800 artists have inhabited and transformed Carriageworks, Chippendale and most recently the iconic and historic Cockatoo Island. Participating artists are immersed in a residency program, the Lab where they develop their work, with a performance and exhibition outcome, the Festival.

Both the Lab and the Festival are open to the public so that audiences can see how artists work within these non-traditional or re-imagined spaces and create their work in situ.

Video: Nelson Alves, Underbelly Arts 2013