10 Years 10 Artists with Mish Grigor

March 30, 2017

This year Underbelly Arts turns 10! To celebrate we’ve created 10 Years 10 Artists, chats with 10 bold voices from Underbelly Arts’ past about their projects back in the day, where they are now and what they are working on into the future.

This week we digitally sat down for a chat with Mish Grigor.

For Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival in 2007, Mish’s company POST presented Swimming Home in Heels, a performance experienced by one audience member at a time about teenagers on schoolies, that culminated in a shared singing of ‘Never End’ by All Saints. In 2008 Mish performed White Collar Blue, lining the walls of Carriageworks with lino to explore trying really hard, and failing. More recently she moderated the Underbelly Arts Debate: Originality is Overrated in 2015.

Where are you right now?

Mish G 1

Lucy Raven, Film still from Curtains, 2014


What did you do at Underbelly Arts?

Mish G 2

Lucy McCormick, Triple Threat, 2016


What was the best thing about that experience?

Mish G 3

Camille Henrot, Grosse Fatigue, 2013


What is your process for making art?

Mish G 4

Joan Jonas, Mirror Piece 1, 1969


Where do you get inspiration?

Mish G 5

Stephen Willats, Signs and Messages from Modern Life No. 3, 1986


What’s been your most embarrassing art moment?

Mish G 6

Holzinger/Riebeek/Lange/Machaz/Scheiwiller, JUNGLE , 2016


If your art could talk what would it say?

Mish G 7

Miet Warlop, The Big Bad Cold, 2013


What do you have coming up?

Mish G 8

Donna Huanca, Sensory Neuron/Celestial Layer (Foor Sensory), 2016


What’s special about Underbelly Arts?

Mish G 9

Uta Eisenreich and Eva Meyer-Keller, Things on a Table, 2016


What tips / advice do you have for emerging artists?


I think Johann Baron Lanteigne sums it up:



Thanks Mish!