10 Years 10 Artists with James Nguyen

March 17, 2017

This year Underbelly Arts turns 10! To celebrate we’ve chatted to 10 bold voices from Underbelly Arts’ past about their projects back in the day, where they are now and what they are working on into the future. 
This week we digitally sat down for a chat with James Nguyen.

For Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival in 2015 James co-presented ‘Bad Mudda‘ with Salote Tawale: a dramatic soap opera on wheels that united the skills and limited mother tongues of both artists. Traversing language and the visual cues of various cultures, the artists created something familiar yet foreign, disjointed yet predictable, and all while riding bikes! Since then, James has gone on to exhibit with 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Casual Powerhouse,  and was recently announced as the winner of the 2017 Maddocks Art Prize.


Where are you right now?

Answer 1

What did you do at Underbelly Arts?

Answer 2

What was the best thing about that experience?

Answer 3

What is your process for making art?

Answer 4

Where do you get inspiration?

Answer 5

What’s been your most embarrassing art moment?

Answer 6

If your art could talk what would it say?

Answer 7

What do you have coming up?

Answer 8

What’s special about Underbelly Arts?

Answer 9

What tips / advice do you have for emerging artists?

Answer 10


Thanks James!